About us

WE invite you to the Great Music! 17 people are playing together. Although we have a 60-year-old tradition we're still not dusty. Our basis are choral songs, so beautiful, old and new and we don't go without Jazz, Funk and Pop: Let's visit the Jukebox!


New people are always welcome! Our beginners are in the age between 8 and 30, the members with longer experience between 15 and 75 years old. You think this doesn't work? Well, come and see for yourselve! We have enough instruments and the teachers can't wait to meet you.


A small collection of photos.

60th anniversary of the choir on April 13th 2013

Landesposaunentag of the EKBO in Görlitz 2012

Bachtage in Görlitz 2012

Tippelmarkt 2011

Kirchentag in Dresden 2011

Our sound-manager

Kirchentag in Bremen 2009

Service at the Altstadtfest 2009

Playing to a birthay 2008

Evangelischer Posaunentag 2008

Playing for a Birthday 2007

Change of Conductors 2006

Begegnungstag in Prague 2005