Posaunenchor - Brass Choir - What is it all about?

Brass Choirs are bands that seem to be quite typical for Germany. Here you can find about 7.000 of them. In other countries they are barely known. Only in the parts of the world where there had been German missioneers a few ensembles can be found, f.e. in South Africa, Argentina and India.

So when is a Brass Choir a Brass Choir? First of all it is a group inside the church. Brass Choirs were invented in the 19th century to accompany services outdoors. Their major assignments still to play in ceremonies of the church, but also to play at anniversaries, for sick an elderly people, from the towers or whereever. It is only brass instruments playing. The base of the musical repertoire is of course religious music (hymns and chorals). From there Brass Choirs play a vast range of music depending on the members and what they make out of it. Something else that is special for these choirs: Only a small number of members learned their instrument professionally or in music school. Usually the conductor or some other member of the choir is teaching the new-comers. The first thing is the joy to play, the technique comes afterwards. So everybody is invited to join.